The GutterVac Guy


The sky’s the limit…


My name is Paul White, I am a Journalism Graduate and have worked in magazines, newspapers, call centres, building sites and a Japanese food warehouse!

I have been running a successful removal business for the last five years and it has been, and still is my baby.  Removals is a great business, but most of our work tends to be Thurs-Sat, leaving me with days to spare.

I spent a long time agonising over what to do with these days. I wanted to do something different that solves a problem, without breaking my back (like I do every weekend moving houses!) I came across the Sky Vac machines and was really impressed with its power. They are incredibly light, powerful and easy to use. 


So, The Gutter Vac Guy was born. A new baby, with high expectations.

GVG has become an extremely popular gutter cleaning service in Barnsley, with many happy customers.