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The GutterVac Guy



A Sucker For a Dirty Gutter!



My name is Paul White, I am a Journalism Graduate and have worked in magazines, newspapers, call centres, building sites and have just retired from eight years running a successful removal company. 


During my time in removals there were spare days that I needed to fill to keep the cash flowing. I wanted to do something different that solved a problem, without breaking my back (like I did every weekend moving houses!) I found some gutter vacuums online and it seemed like an amazing idea. Cleaning gutters from the ground without the need for ladders. 


I bought a small motor vacuum and found it an oddly satisfying and fulfilling experience!

Fast forward five years and I now have a 3000 watt vacuum with a 30 metre (!) hose and have worked on over 2000 houses, factories, flats, hotels, warehouses, nursing homes.


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