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The Machine

Gutter Cleaning with our 3000w Gutter Vacuum

Gutter blockages can be the source of a variety of damp problems in the structure of a building.  If the guttering isn't maintained the water can run down the outside wall, or the debris/dirt can build up in the gutter; causing the gutter to clog up, which may eventually lead to extensive damage to your property.    

The GutterVac Guy and his high powered gutter vacuum will clean your gutters, removing the build up of silt, moss, weeds and leaves all from the safety of the ground using specially adapted lightweight telescopic poles.


The Beast

At 3000 watt our 'triple motor gutter vacuum' is not short on suck! The machine makes easy work of residential and most commercial gutter cleans, removing sods of earth, sticks or even bricks! 

We have a 30 metre hose so that the vacuum can be left in one place, which makes the job much easier. 

We have lots of different end tools. A two foot long ‘double ender’ for going over snow barriers and into down pipes, a 'crevice tool' to get in narrow gaps and a claw tool for digging up the grass!

The machine has six 1.5m poles that allow us to reach easily up to three storeys and over extensions/conservatories. 

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